Promising Firestone EPDM Roofing Services In New York

EPDM Roofing Services In New York
EPDM Roofing Services In New York

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is considered to be the apt choice when it comes to the durability, flexibility, and performance as compared to the other roofing services. EPDM Roofing Greenwood Heights NY has a proven track record on various roof applications for almost three decades owing to which it is the first choice for most of the customers. It has been and is the most dominant force in single-ply rubber roofing. So far as EPDM roofing system is concerned we are known for the trusted value with our optimal service across NY and our general roofing company nyc ensures that EPDM roof system provides you everything that a commercial roofing project basically needs.

EPDM Roofing Services Provide Versatility

Firestone RubberGard EPDM Roofing in Queens NY provides you versatility and we are proud to offer you variety of installation services that suits your needs and gives you fully adhered, ballasted attached installations that come with excellent durability and put a curb on wind upliftment. With the existence of over 27 years in the market. It is the most economical and considered to be the trusted segment of commercial roofing systems and it is the EPDM roofing system that currently covers about 15 billion square feet worldwide.

Roofing Services NY Provides Reliable EPDM Roof Systems

EPDM roof systems are basically single-ply roof systems and it is manufactured by only recognizable companies like Carlisle and Firestone. We meticulously pay attention to every single need of the roofing system while installing it as these roofs are almost installed over some version of the insulation or recovery board you can say.

  • These roofing systems are fully-adhered with a bonding adhesive and its overlapping seams of rolls are joined with seam tapes and primer and then penetrations and “T” seams are flashed with rubber flashing tapes that is uncured.
  • NY Firestone EPDM Roofing are widespread due to its durability and carry the potential to bear extreme weather conditions.
  • These roofing systems have factory produced, pipe boots, pitch pockets and cover tapes for various types of flashing needs.
  • It is quick and its installation process is simple.
  • Lightweight as well flexible.

It all depends upon the installation manner and we take utmost care while installing these roof systems. These roof systems are fantastic and we specify EPDM mostly in certain roof environments.

Why Choose Firestone EPDM (Rubber Roofs)

EPDM rubber roofs are more durable and sustainable for the environment and have great attributes as well. It works best when installing a rooftop deck system as compared to that of asphalt base system which compresses because of the variations in the weather. This roof system tends to look cleaner than that of asphalt type system.

Our EPDM Roofing Contractor Bronx NY are well aware of the fact that roof goes through seasonal weather variations which have its own hazardous impact on the roof. So, we suggest our clients to go with EPDM roofing system that is best-suited for everything and brimming with small penthouse roofs, waterproofing ductwork, and excellent high walls. EPDM compatible substrates are bitumen, wood, PIR and PUR insulation, aluminum and concrete. It can also be installed in existing as well as new roofs. With EPDM an existing structure can successfully carry the load of the new roofing system.

Our Specialized Team Of EPDM Roof System

Our Firestone EPDM roofing system NY is the best leading waterproofing system and we are always proud to offer this service to our valuable clients with our inexplicable specialized team who provide the finest EPDM roofing sheet including EPDM supplies and roofing materials and are well-equipped with good tools and equipment to make the project easier. Our team is specialized in complete roof repair kits including EPDM repairs and replacement of EPDM roofs such as pond liner, decks, residential, commercial building, landscaping and many more.