shingle roofing

Shingles can get damaged by the massive chunks of hails, resulting in water leakage and interior damage to the house. The storms, incessant rain, hail storms adversely affect the foundation and can cause significant damage to your house. The discerning homeowners constantly look for solutions to avoid costly repairs but nothing works better than hiring an experienced shingle roofing contractor flushing. The size of hail may be massive or tiny – the house can bear the impact of small ones but hail storms of large size are not hail storms, they take the form of hail stones that can severely damage your roof.

The extent of damage caused to shingle roof Queens NY depends on the size and density of hail stones. You must know the damaging factors of hail storms that are weakening the condition of shingle roofs. It is best to look for professional roofing contractor and get the entire area inspected to know the extent of damage and implement the best solution to curb future damages.
Hailstones can be attributed to damaging shingles in three different ways. You will notice the leakage as the first sign of damage followed by coming across significant problems in coming months after the storm which can be considered another two types of damage.

  • Immediate damage in the upper layer of the shingle– Hailstones act as a weather predator, affecting the upper layer of shingles, ripping off their strength, and helping water to penetrate easily through the roof.
  • Cracking shingle mat– The powerful hailstones crack the mat of shingles, leading to water leakage gradually. The damage at the onset may not be visible but you can notice the damage as crescent-shaped black lines that continue to increase over time.
  • Shingle bruising– The small hailstones are no concern but in the long-run, it bruises the upper layer of the shingle with perpetual exposure to UV rays, causing granules to disappear and shingles to deteriorate miserably. The shingle bruising inevitably results in leakage after 6 to 8 months.

The effects of hail damage determine if you need replacement or repair of the roof. You must know the common ways shingles get damaged when hit by hail.

  1. Random damage
    Shingles get vulnerable to tiny cracks in the granules with no discernable pattern. You can spot these damages only when you have trained eye with you. Your roofing services in Bronx NY will need to check the entire roof and carry out an extensive inspection to see the damage.
  2. Looks Shiny
    An asphalt coating or fiberglass mat protects the asphalt shingle on the layer beneath the granules. When the hail entirely damages the granules, the fiberglass mat or asphalt coating gets exposed to the elements.
  3. Loss of Granules
    Hail damage is responsible for loss of granules and exposure of the roof felt. Granules are characterized as sandpaper-like layer on the shingles of your roof. During the process of loss of granules, the asphalt coating of shingles is exposed to the elements, as a result, it continues to get aged. It is recommended to inspect your downspouts and guttering properly after hailstorms to see the granules.
  4. Hail Hits
    When it comes to fiberglass mat or asphalt coating, denting them is an option that looks black in color. A fractured fiberglass mat is also visible as a dark dent that radiates out from the area of damage. As the condition of shingles deteriorates, cracks and tears continue to develop, leading to leakage eventually.
  5. Soft to the Touch
    It is often seen that hail hits seem to affect less the shingles, affecting its upper layer and it can be seen as a bruise. However, it does affect the outer layer of shingles, leaving some softened granules that in the next rain get washed off into the downspouts.

    If your shingle roof encounters any damage caused by hail storms, contact us today. Our experienced roofing contractor NY inspects the roof and can suspect hail damage to your roof.